Pressalit SCT 3000 Height adjustable Shower Changing Table

Next level changing experience

Pressalit SCT 3000 offers great comfort and safety

Safe showering and changing with SCT 3000

A safe environment for showering, changing and personal care is of the utmost importance when taking care of a person with special needs or someone living with a disability. This goes for both the person with the special needs as well as for the carer.

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Safety first
Correct working environment

Flexible solution
Electrical height adjustment

Easy transfer
Fold down safety rail

The Pressalit SCT 3000 offers electrical height adjustment of the shower changing table, making room for easy transfer to and from a wheelchair and an ergonomically correct working height for the carer. The shower changing table has a comfortable top, a fold down safety rail and easy drainage.

Flexible adjustability for everyone

Changing or showering can be challenging if you have special needs and require assistance from a carer. With a flexible bathroom solution containing a height adjustable shower and changing table, you are able to provide personal care without compromising your working environment.

The height adjustable Pressalit SCT 3000 allows you to lower or raise the shower changing table to suit your height for proper working conditions and for easy transfer to and from a wheelchair if there is no ceiling hoist available.

The Pressalit SCT 3000 offers you

  • Elegant and robust design
  • Water collection tray and drain set up
  • Height Adjustment Range: 700 mm; from 300 mm to 1000 mm with wired hand control
  • Optimal for in shower or hand-held shower nearby use
  • Comfortable soft lying surface with polyurethane foam pads
  • Easy to release fold down and under table storage safety rail for ease of transfer

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Q: What to consider when choosing a shower change table?

A few initial things to consider when choosing the right Pressalit shower change table to suit your needs:

  1. What type of environment do you need the table in? Is there a shower?
  2. Consider the volume of people using the table. Is it mostly periodical use or many times a day?
  3. Is the room in a private setting, supervised or open to the public?
  4. Do you need a mobile solution?

Please get in touch with us and share information on your project. We can help you decide on the best possible solution.

Q: Why choose a height adjustable shower change table vs a table with fixed mounting?

Height adjustablity allows you to create a flexible and safe working environment for the caregiver. It is also a great assistance for easy transfer to and from a wheelchair without a ceiling hoist. You can simply lower the table to the exact same height as the wheelchair.

If you have users that always need lifting or where the height doesn't need to be adjusted because of a ceiling hoist, you can benefit from having a shower changing table with fixed mounting.

Q: How important is the length of the table?

In some restrooms you will find changing tables for babies and toddlers. For larger children, teenagers and adults it requires having a full length changing table. Not only for safety reasons but also for creating a comfortable lying space.

You can choose different types of shower changing tables to suit the size of the room as well. Not only regarding length but also in therms of the width.

Q: What is the maximum weight load of the Pressalit SCT 3000?

Maximum load of the Pressalit SCT 3000 is 200 kg.

When the table is loaded with 200 kg, each mounting bolt supports 26 kg.

This product has been tested statically with a load of 500 kg as the IEC 60601-standard requires testing with safety factor 2.5.

Q: Why is the height adjustability of the SCT 3000 shower change table electric and not manual?

The safety of both the user and the caregiver is important. In situations with many different users or carers, the easy electric adjustment allows for a more efficient and correct use of the changing table. And it allows you to adjust the height of the table with the user on it. This would not be possible to do manually.

It also allows for more focus on the person in need of care. The electric adjustment also increases safety, since the caregiver can adjust the table using only one hand while paying attention to the person on the table.

Q: What is the warranty period for the SCT 3000?

At Pressalit we design and manufacture all our products to have a long lifetime expectancy. Having a sustainable approach for us means creating long lasting and flexible solutions that suit many different needs. We offer a 3 year warranty on the Pressalit SCT 3000.

Expected service life is 10 years for institutional use, provided that maintenance is carried out as described in the user manual.

Q: Can you move the Pressalit SCT 3000?

The lifting unit of the Pressalit SCT 3000 shower changing table is mounted on the wall and can not be moved away from the wall. It is height adjustable and can be folded up for easy storage and to save space when maneuvering around with a wheelchair in the bathroom.

However, we also offer mobile shower change trolleys that allow you to use the trolley for transport from one room to another and allows you to access the user from all four sides.

Take a look at our mobile solution here: MSCT - Pressalit Mobile Shower Change Trolley.

Q: What is the difference between the SCT 3000, SCT 2000 and SCT 1000?

Depending on the specific need and the volume of users for the table, you can find a model that suits your project and needs. You have various options in terms of choosing a shower changing table for any venue. The choice of shower change table can be affected by the volume of visitors, if the room is supervised and the level of comfort and cleaning options needed. All of our shower changing tables come with the same high quality lifting unit.

See product specifications for SCT 3000, SCT 2000 and SCT 1000

Q: What is the price range of the SCT 3000?

The price level of shower and changing tables is affected by various factors, including product features, quality of the materials used for manufacturing, test and documentation, warranty as well as production method.

All Pressalit shower and changing tabled are designed, developed, and assembled in Denmark to ensure the highest possible quality.

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See how a changing table can make a difference

Take a look as we hear about the importance of having proper changing facilities in public places. It makes a world of difference for people with special needs that are not able to use conventional toilets for people with disabilities.

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Kauri Sue Hamilton School and SCT 3000

The Kauri Sue Hamilton School located in Riverton, Utah educates and supports students with severe, multiple disabilities.

Here, the challenge was to accomodate the needs of the student body, of which approximately 80% require diapering care.

Attendants who are responsible for changing duties many times during a school day can accomplish their tasks ergonomically with minimal risk of injury or fatigue due to the Pressalit SCT 3000 installed in several bathrooms.

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Mounting instructions in an overview

With all Pressalit Shower Changing Tables comes a detailed mounting instruction to ensure safe and proper installation and to live up to any warranty requirements. To make it even easier, we have put together a mounting instruction video that offers you information on:

  • Specific measures and requirements
  • Correct installation and what to be aware of
  • How to ensure proper drainage

Watch mounting video

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Download mounting instructions

Here, you can download PDF versions of our mounting instructions for print.

SCT3000, electrically height adjustable: Download

SCT3000, fixed height: Download

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