Shower and changing tables are the accommodating solution

User portrait: Sarah Parks

Image: Sarah Parks

Sarah Parks is a wife and mother living in the Pittsburgh area. She has two sons, Colby and Tyler. Both Colby and Tyler are on the spectrum that refers to the specific set of developmental and behavioral challenges associated with autism spectrum disorder.

Every day, the family meets different challenges associated with leaving the house. Because of both Colby and Tyler being on the spectrum, going to the bathroom in public places is a particularly big issue. The challenge is that one of the boys has not been completely potty trained, but is too big for the ordinary baby changing table, which is the only thing available in most places.

Not being able to change him safely and comfortably prevents the family from going out or from staying out for as long as they would if the right accommodation was available.

An adult shower and changing table is a game changer

Changing your loved one on the floor in a public restroom should not be something anyone should have to do – but in reality, this is the case. The baby changing table is a huge help for many families, but it is not enough to accommodate the needs of many people living with a disability.

Installing a shower and changing table is a game changer for millions and millions of families around the world, as it can accommodate so many different people. It is not only a help for families who deal with autism or a learning disability; it is also a help for individuals – children or adults - who manage incontinence, mobility limitations and developmental disorders.

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