Why accessible solutions are important

User portrait: Patricia McCloud

Patricia McCloud on the importance of accessible solutions

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Accessible solutions - why are they important?

Access to fun activities which are open to the public and access to accommodating public restrooms should be a basic human right. However, there is still a lack of accessible solutions and facilities in public restrooms all around the world. This affects millions of people to whom accessible solutions in public restrooms are a necessity to leave the house for a longer period of time – or even just for hours at a time.

To give you deeper insights into what consequences the lack of accommodating facilities in the restroom have, we have spoken to some people whose lives are affected by it; one of them is Patricia McCloud.

Image: Patricia McCloud

More accessibility gives families more possibilities

Patricia McCloud is Jordan’s mother. Jordan is 23 and affected by autism and diagnosed with Intellectual Disability. Jordan is a man who loves to have fun. He loves watching baseball games and to do things with his family. But it is not always easy.

To Jordan and his family, accessible facilities mean the world. Jordan is not always able to recognize his need to use the toilet which means that the entire family always has to think about where to go and for how long they can stay. Going out is not just fun and games as it should be; it is about prepping and always being aware of where the nearest bathroom is.

If an accident happens, and there is no accessible bathroom, there is no other option for the family than to either try to change Jordan in the car or go home.

Accessible solutions are important in the autism community

Jordan’s story is far from unique. The lack of accessible solutions in public restrooms is a huge challenge in the autism community. People who are profoundly affected by autism often need aids and accessible facilities in the bathroom and the lack of these accommodating facilities ultimately leads to isolation and people feeling excluded and lonely.

By installing these facilities, families like Jordan’s would be able to get out and do things like everyone else. As Patricia says herself: being able to access the community more is everything!

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