The mobile Shower Change Trolley: Safe and comfortable for user and carer

Different people have different needs and therefore it is important that all equipment used in daily care routines can be adapted to each situation. Pressalit’s mobile Shower Change Trolley is a height-adjustable and freestanding table that can be moved around to provide a safe and comfortable surface to lie on.

The mobility of the table means rooms can be better organised to suit individual care situations. Likewise, it provides the carer with the best available working space, minimizing inappropriate working postures and daily lifts.

See the mobile Shower Change Trolley in the video below

Mobile Shower and change trolley from Pressalit

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Benefits of the mobile Shower Change Trolley

  • The carer has access from all sides of the table.
  • It is possible for several carers to work around the table at the same time.
  • Safety rails and mattress sides can easily be folded down to improve access.
  • People can be moved from room to room whilst lying on the table, and so the number of times they might need to transfer on or off can be reduced.
  • Transfers on and off the table become easier because the Shower Change Trolley is height adjustable.
  • The integrated handles are easy to grip and can enable users to participate in their own care.
  • Carers can adjust the height of the Shower Change Trolley to provide a safe and comfortable working height.

Mobile shower trolley with mattress, electric height adjustment.

Mobile shower trolley without mattress, the bed rail is folded down.

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Design that creates security

For people who require assistance toileting and showering, it is crucial that their personal care takes place in a safe and comfortable environment; both physical and mental challenges need to be taken into account. Being changed on the bathroom floor, in the back of a car or on an unstable changing table is neither safe nor secure, yet this is a situation many people face regularly due to the lack of appropriate equipment.

From the very first glance, the aesthetic design of the Shower Change Trolley and the Change Trolley, which are made from high quality materials, communicates comfort, safety and security. When someone is lying on the table, the continuous and solid bed safety rails will help improve that person’s awareness of the space immediately around them. This will be especially beneficial for those challenged with perception disorders and make them feel better protected.

The solid safety rails prevent arms and legs from being pinched or trapped, thereby increasing the overall sense of safety. Solid safety rails also help develop a greater perception of privacy. All these factors improve mental well-being and reduce distress.

Mobile Change Trolley with mattress, electric height adjustment.

Mobile Change Trolley without mattress, the bed rail is folded down.

User-friendly solutions make caring easier

For the carer it is of great importance that the shower and changing table is user-friendly, this means being safe for both the user and carer. In addition to the obvious benefits associated with this, Pressalit’s user centred design enables the carer to focus on the help and assistance they are providing without having to worry about the safety of the table being used.

Safety should be the first priority when moving the shower and changing table with someone lying down on it.

The wheels on the mobile Shower Change Trolley have a large diameter and the handles on the safety rails are shaped to provide a good grip to enhance manoeuvrability. The table wheels have a central locking system that can be activated from either side of the table. Brakes and foot pedals are non-slip and designed for wet rooms and showers.

The mobile Shower Change Trolley is ideal for - among other things - schools where safety, security and user-friendliness are paramount

Comfort and hygiene though into detail

Soft and warm to touch materials are rarely associated with easy-to-clean solutions, it is however possible to create a comfortable surface without compromising on hygiene. The surfaces of the mobile Shower Change Trolley are made from compact laminate, a warm material that is also extremely hygienic and easy to clean. The table mattress has a comfortable and supportive foam upholstered in hygienic PVC.

Other hygienic features include:

  • The Shower Change Trolley can be tilted at both ends to assist water drainage.
  • The shower mattress material effects quick and easy drainage – especially from the corners.
  • The lifting columns underneath the table are easy to clean when compared with other lifting mechanisms.
  • All the table surfaces are made from hygienic materials that are straightforward to clean.
  • The changing mattress can be effortlessly removed for cleaning the table surface underneath.

Do you want to know more?

The mobile Shower Change Trolley is ideal for use in private homes, public places such as Changing Places, care facilities and schools. The table is available as a shower and change trolley and as a change trolley to be used away from wet areas.

Contact us if you need advice on which solution to choose or if you just want to know more about the Shower Change Trolley, its specifications, functions and use.

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