Accessibility in the home is a prerequisite for independence in life

Accessible features should be designed and prepared as early as possible in any building project. Full consideration should be given as to how people will move around, perhaps with the assistance of wheelchairs or other mobility equipment.

Pressalit specialises in accessible bathroom and kitchen solutions. Our products are designed to encourage independence wherever possible and provide safe working spaces for carers and assistants.

Bathroom and kitchens that feature adjustable products will adapt to different user requirements. Our passion at Pressalit is to provide the most accessible bathrooms and kitchens.

Download the complete guide to accessible bathroom design

Get the complete design guide

We have gathered much more information in our complete design guide for accessible bathrooms.

You will get all the necessary knowledge, tips and tricks in relation to designing bathrooms with a focus on flexibility and special needs, with specific drawings and examples.

Download the guide here

Flexibility in the bathroom

Flexibility in the bathroom can be achieved with the Plus solution from Pressalit, which offers a range of supportive and assistive products mounted on horizontal and vertical wall track.

Products mounted on vertical wall track can be adjusted for height, e.g. a washbasin can be raised or lowered to suit standing or seated users.

Products mounted on horizontal wall track can also be moved left and right, e.g. a shower chair can be positioned within reach of shower taps or moved out of the way to create better access for a carer.

See our flexible bracket system here

Flexibility in the kitchen

Pressalit's adjustable kitchen frames are designed to provide standing and seated users with safe and comfortable working heights.

The lifting frames fit most worktops and wall cupboards. They have a simple and timeless design and improve accessibility in most situations.

See the flexible kitchen solutions

Flexibility in the nursing area

Nursing children and youngsters with disabilities can be cumbersome. That's why the minimum requirement for a changing table is that it is height-adjustable. This prevents back injuries for e.g. parents and also staff at institutions.

See our high quality daycare changing tables

Independent living in a lifetime home

Better opportunities to manage in your own home.

Positive outcomes are often achieved when a person’s home is adapted to their needs.

Independence around the home will invariably improve the quality of life and reduce the number of situation where help is required.

Living independently is about design

More specifically, living independently means that if you adapt your home to your needs, much of your daily life will become easier. For example, in the kitchen you can do your own cooking, if your worktops and cupboards can be adjusted in height to suit you.

You can also manage more things in the bathroom independently when items are within easy reach.

You will feel more secure and comfortable in your own home if you are provided with opportunities to live there independently.

Designing your lifetime home

One way of achieving independence is to install the most appropriate supportive and assistive products.

Another crucial factor is how your home is laid out, how rooms relate to one another, e.g. ensuite bathrooms can be especially helpful. Consideration should be given to removing obstacles wherever possible. Perhaps an open plan arrangement would work well and provide access to all areas.

Pressalit is passionate about providing opportunities for independence in the home, regardless of age or any disability. Our aim is to improve your quality of life.

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