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Height and Sideways Adjustable Washbasin Solution

NEW PRODUCT - Easy-to-move Washbasin

Pressalit’s new height and sideways adjustable MATRIX washbasin solution is the ultimate in functionality and hygiene. Make the best use of space in the bathroom, while accommodating the changing needs of both users and caregivers with this new product. It consists of a Pressalit MATRIX washbasin bracket and a Pressalit MATRIX MEDIUM or Pressalit MATRIX ANGLE DEEP washbasin.

Video on how the MATRIX adjustable sink solution can help individuals with accessibility needs

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Functionality, safety and working environment are paramount. Pressalit MATRIX supports self-reliance, training, space optimisation and, most of all, a sense of security in the bathroom - whether in a private home, a care home, an institution or a hospital.

A Multi-purpose Washbasin

A Multi-purpose Washbasin

The applications are endless, and you can choose either manual or electric operation, depending on your needs. The advantages are:

  • Easier personal care for the user
  • Training and greater focus on self-reliance
  • Best use of space in small bathrooms
  • Time-saving assistive device for staff
  • Improved working conditions for care staff

Adjustable Solutions Enhance Quality of Life

Some people need a lot of help in the bathroom - others little or none. Sometimes the need changes during the course of the day. This places great demands in terms of assistance and the assistive devices that need to be available and in terms of the potential for adaptation.

A flexible solution, which takes into account the specific needs of the user at any given time, helps create situations that boost self-reliance and helps provide a greater degree of freedom. For some people this also means the opportunity to take care of more of their personal care themselves.

Use The Washbasin Wherever You Need It

A movable washbasin creates necessary space around the toilet whenever required. This makes it easier to manoeuvre a wheelchair. Being able to move the washbasin back when more space is needed around the shower, will improve both the working environment and the intimate situation of bathing.

When the washbasin is used to help move from a wheelchair to the toilet or vice versa, it is important for the distance between the basin and the toilet to be easily adaptable and suitable to any situation.

You can adjust the height of the washbasin and washbasin bracket either manually or electrically, depending on the model. The total length of the adjustment is 500 mm sideways and 300 mm in height.

Move the Washbasin in Seconds

Adjust the basin sideways by triggering an easily accessible feature under the basin. It only takes a few seconds to move the washbasin and it can be done safely with one hand.

The washbasin moves smoothly and requires very little strength in the hands, so both user and carer can easily move the washbasin as often as required - even with the Back of a hand. When you let go of the release button, this locks the washbasin in that position. This ensures that the washbasin does not move further before you choose.

Easy height adjustment – Electric or Manual

It should be easy to adjust a washbasin to suit the needs of all users and everyone should be able to use it. The new height and sideways adjustable Pressalit MATRIX washbasin solution is available with two different adjustment options: electric or manual.

If you live alone, or if the people living in the home have the same needs, then manual height adjustment, where regulation is only rarely required, is a good solution. Conversely, if there are several people with different needs, easy, quick electrical adjustment is preferable.

In a hospital or institution with changing users, the electrical adjustment in height relieves the strain in the working routines of the staff, even allowing the user to help themselves, thereby freeing up time for care or healthcare professionals for other care duties.

Below you can see examples of the different versions. What they have in common is the location of the release button for moving the washbasin from to one side or the other.

Electric buttons positioned on the front for easy adjustment of the washbasin’s height. The release button for the sideways movement is located on the washbasin under the buttons.

The manual crank handle for adjusting the height of the washbasin is located on the side of the bracket. Manual height adjustment is especially useful when the height only occasionally needs to be adjusted.

Product variants

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Washbasin Solution for Multiple Needs

Use the option of pushing the washbasin away from the toilet to create space for caregivers or closer to the toilet to create space around the shower and bathing area. This movable washbasin also makes it easier to manoeuvre a wheelchair in the bathroom.

Use the washbasin in association with training, where self-reliance for sitting and standing users is paramount. A seated user can use the washbasin, not only for getting in and out of a wheelchair, but also for washing their hands, while still sitting on the toilet.

In regular homes, a bathroom generally has several users, frequently with different needs and physical abilities. In this context, each use of the bathroom requires different settings. When there are both sitting and standing users in a home, there is a natural height difference. That is why a flexible, adjustable solution is preferable. This makes it easy accommodate specific situations and needs.

Being able to move the washbasin in the bathroom means you can make the best use of the available space and save the building's crucial square metres.

World-class Hygienic Functionality

The combination of functional properties in terms of hygiene makes this height and sideways adjustable washbasin the perfect choice in any environment where optimal conditions for both user and carer are paramount.

The movable elements of the washbasin and washbasin bracket are concealed behind a cover that runs tightly along the wall and fits snugly against the washbasin, preventing dust and dirt from settling in hard-to-reach places. All surfaces are large, smooth and easy to wipe.

There is also the option of a washbasin with no overflow hole or of a special plug for hospitals. This facilitates cleaning and reduces the risk of unwanted collection of dirt, meaning less risk of infection.

Don’t worry – we’ll take care of everything

Be it in a large project or in an ordinary home, designing an accessible bathroom is all about creating the best conditions for both the user and, where necessary, a carer or health care professional, with everything based on the specific situation.

Pressalit has many years of experience and expertise in the field. We provide advice on everything from space optimisation to rules and guidelines for design and the choice of solution and installation. In other words, you do not need to know everything in advance. We will help you from start to finish.

Feel free to contact us for more information or a no-obligations meeting. Together we will come up with the very best solution for you.

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