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Living independently is important for most people and when living with a disability or an impairment of any kind made even more challenging without essential equipment. Having the opportunity to adjust your environment to fit your needs is of great importance and fundamental to experiencing the benefits of independent living.

Independent living is characterized by the opportunity to live life on your own and be self-reliant. It is often referred to when talking about your own home, but what about the public realm and in social settings away from your home. Here, accessibility is just as important.

Public accessibility matters

Whether you enter a building, navigate through traffic, eat a meal at a restaurant or join friends in a bar, doing so on your own without needing personal assistance or taking needless precautions can be of great value.

Ensuring accessibility provides opportunities that might have required a greater effort in a non-accessible environment. And enabling equal opportunities to enjoy goods, services, and entertainment the same as everyone else, an improved quality of life and greater sense of well being.


For entertaining venues such as restaurants or bars, having the opportunity to accommodate standing and seated guests around the bar improves inclusion and adds value to the surrounding community.

School science lab

Working stations that are easily adjusted to suit the desired height, improve the learning environment and lets students work at ergonomically correct heights.

School kitchen

Cooking can be fun for everyone. And in a school kitchen, the pupils at different ages often have different heights and need adjustable and flexible worktops. With a height adjustable kitchen solution, you can also accommodate the needs of children in wheelchairs.

Standalone coffee station

A suggestion for creating an inclusive and accessible workplace could be to ensure the flexibility all the way to the coffee machine. A coffee station that adjusts in height to fit your needs not only includes everyone. It helps prevent potential hot beverage spills as well.

Care home facility

A flexible kitchen solution for e.g. care centers where there is a need for frequent height adjustments on kitchen worktops and cupboards.

Private home

Pressalit Indivo lifting units can be easily integrated stylishly into the private home, ensuring that the whole family can enjoy the full potential and use the height adjustable function.

Popular solutions

Pressalit Indivo - height-adjustable solutions for any venue

At Pressalit we design, develop and manufacture accessible and height-adjustable solutions for bathrooms and kitchens and anywhere else that might benefit from having the opportunity to adjust surroundings to meet individual needs or requirements.

Pressalit Indivo height adjustable countertops can dramatically increase the accessibility of restaurants and bars and help create inclusive spaces where everyone is made to feel welcome. Indivo height-adjustable lifting units can be matched with the same countertops installed in the rest of the interior décor, thereby blending seamlessly with the look and style of the room.

Everyone benefits from accessibility

By implementing accessible solutions – and doing so in a way that naturally fits the surroundings, all visitors to an establishment will benefit from improved comfort. Height adjustable counter tops installed in the general seating arrangements of restaurants and bars will help present a welcoming and inclusive environment.

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