INDIVO lift for countertop 39.5'' - 55.1''

INDIVO lift for countertop 39.5'' - 55.1''
INDIVO lift for countertop 39.5'' - 55.1''
INDIVO lift for countertop 39.5'' - 55.1''
INDIVO lift for countertop 39.5'' - 55.1''
Electrically height adjustable.
With three motors.
Max. load: 330 lbs
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Product no.: RK1851202 - GTIN-13: 5708590379098

INDIVO lift for countertop 39.5'' - 55.1''


GTIN-13 5708590379098
EAN 5708590379098
Item number
Product group
Lifts for kitchen counter-top, wall-mounted
INDIVO lift for countertop 39.5'' - 55.1''
Product description
The name INDIVO relates to the individual configuration of the products.
Lifts are available for countertops of any length between 23.6" and 111.8".
INDIVO lift for countertop, with three motors and control box. Max. load: 330 lbs including the countertop.
Incl. cross brace and two brackets.
Height adjustable up to 11.8'' with switch or wired remote control.
For countertop length 39.5" - 55.1". Please indicate length and depth of countertop when ordering.
Excl. mounting kit.
Mounting instructions
Excl. mounting kit. See Technical specifications (pdf) for information on mounting kits suitable for various wall types.
Gray (RAL 9006)
Intended use
INDIVO lifts may be used with most commercially available kitchen countertops and kitchen cabinets, allowing them to be adjusted in height so the kitchen can be used by both seated and standing people.
Expected service life for the INDIVO lifting units is 10 years.
Lifting columns: Powder-coated steel
Cross brace: Aluminium
Brackets: Powder-coated steel
An electric height-adjustable kitchen countertop is ideal in all situations where various users - both seated and standing - use the same kitchen.
This is equally true in private homes as well as larger centers with common kitchen facilities such as group homes and care centers.

Lifts are height adjusted either via switches in the front edge or with a wired remote control.
Product capacity
Maximum load: 330 lbs, this includes the weight of the countertop.
The load must be evenly distributed.
Dimensioned drawing, inch
Height adjustable
Adjustment height
11.82 inch
Power consumption (maximum load)
300 W
Power consumption (standby)
2 W
Speed up
0.79 inch/s
Speed, downwards
0.79 inch/s
Noise level
45 dB
Actuator (motor)
DL17 Deskline (Linak) 70N, IP22
Control box
CBD6S (Linak) IP22
Wired remote control
HB53 (Linak), IPX1
Sales unit
89.29 lbs
Gross weight
94.26 lbs
Weight per crate
94.26 lbs
Crates per pallet
Qty per crate
Qty per pallet

This product should be cleaned with hot water or a mild cleaning solution.
Do not use chlorine based, corrosive or abrasive cleaners as it may result in the surface being damaged.

The following cleaning agents have been tested by Pressalit and may be used, as long as they are diluted according to the instructions on the container.

Clinimax Difficil-S
Erisan OXY+
Sprit (husholdningssprit)
Suma Bac D10
Rodalon Desinfektionsspray
Lysoformin Spezial
Sufanios Premium
Tvättsprit 70%

Suma Star free D1
Taski 100
Taski 200
Milizid Citro

The product must be wiped down with a soft rag wrung out in clear water immediately after cleaning, as some materials may otherwise be discolored and stained, and the surface coating may deteriorate.

Pressalit recommends that water deposits (Calcium, lime etc.) be removed from wall tracks and other aluminum parts using a solution of three parts of 30% acetic acid to seven parts tap water. When the aluminum parts have been washed down with this solution, the parts should be wiped over with a damp cloth wrung out in plain water.
Declaration of conformity
This product is solely intended for the US and Canada, and has no EU declaration of conformity.
Pressalit makes a commitment to remedy material and manufacturing defects for a period of three years from the invoicing date.


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