PLUS front support, 21.7" - 24.4"

PLUS front support, 21.7" - 24.4"
For PLUS fold down grab bar and shower seats 450.
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Product no.: RT874000 - GTIN-13: 5708590314181
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PLUS front support, 21.7" - 24.4"PLUS front support, 21.7" - 24.4"


GTIN-13 5708590314181
ETIM EC010017
GMDN 13356
HMI 124195
NBS N13:426
NRF 7501042
VVS 777539100
EAN 5708590314181
Item number
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Product group
Front supports and backrests
PLUS front support, 21.7" - 24.4"
Product description
PLUS front supports are available in three different lengths and colours, they can be used as both front- or back support.
PLUS front support, 21.7'' - 24.4''. For PLUS shower seat 450 and PLUS fold down grab bars.
Mounting instructions
Mounting material included.
Steel and plastics
Stabilises and supports users with poor sense of balance.
For people with physical disabilities, particularly those with limited upper body strength/stability, or those suffering from involuntary movements or seizures, is the very real risk of falling forwards off, of the toilet.
Unlike straps and belts, which can pinch and be uncomfortable against the skin, these adjustable front and back supports attaches directly between two PLUS fold down grab bars or between the armrests of a PLUS shower seat.
Consequently, users are held securely and comfortably in position, improving their safety and functionality, whilst also assisting carers and offering them greater peace of mind.
Product capacity
Maximum load: 154 lbs.
Dimensioned drawing, inch
Maximum user weight (MUM)
154 lbs
Sales unit
2.47 lbs
Gross weight
2.88 lbs
Weight per crate
2.88 lbs
Qty per crate
Qty per pallet

This product should be cleaned with hot water or a mild cleaning solution.
Do not use chlorine based, corrosive or abrasive cleaners as it may result in the surface being damaged.

The following cleaning agents have been tested by Pressalit and may be used, as long as they are diluted according to the instructions on the container.


The product must be wiped down with a soft rag wrung out in clear water immediately after cleaning, as some materials may otherwise be discolored and stained, and the surface coating may deteriorate.

Pressalit recommends that water deposits (Calcium, lime etc.) be removed from wall tracks and other aluminum parts using a solution of three parts of 30% acetic acid to seven parts tap water. When the aluminum parts have been washed down with this solution, the parts should be wiped over with a damp cloth wrung out in plain water.

Declaration of conformity
This product is in compliance with all relevant requirements of regulation (EU) 2017/745 on medical devices.
Pressalit makes a commitment to remedy material and manufacturing defects for a period of five years from the invoicing date.