Pressalit T 2 316

Pressalit T 2 316
Pressalit T 2 316
Pressalit T 2 316
Standard toilet seat incl. hinge in stainless steel
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Product no.: 316001-UN3999 - EAN: 5708590299419
Wide suitability High capacity load Easy to clean

Pressalit T 2 316


Product codes
EAN 5708590299419
ETIM EC011196
UNSPSC 30181603
Item number
Product group
Toilet seats
Pressalit T 2 316
Product description
Pressalit T 2. Traditional Pressalit design with new values. The nylon hinge-links are invisibly mounted, again leaving the inner sides of seat and cover with an even, smooth surface. It not only looks good, it's also easy to clean.
PRESSALIT toilet seat with cover, model "T 2", art. no. 316 made of colour ingrained duroplast with UN3 univertical hinge of stainless steel.
- centre distance: 155 mm
- load - ring seat 240 kg
- with inlaid nylon hinge straps for easier cleaning
- suitable for many universal toilets
- 10 year guarantee
Black (RAL 9005)
Design type
Design year
The material is colour ingrained duroplast (UF A 10 = urea formaldehyde) that contains no environmentally hazardous substances. UF plastic comprises 67% urea formaldehyde resin, 28% cellulose, as well as 5% minerals, pigments, lubricants and moisture content. The raw material from the supplier contains up to 0.03% free formaldehyde and even less following curing.

EVA (copolymer made of ethylene and vinyl acetate).

DAMPER KIT (only relevant for toilet seats with soft close):
Hydraulic damper with stainless steel damper casing and thermoplastic parts.

Stainless steel model W. no. 1.4301/M and thermoplastic.
Product capacity
Load - ring seat 240 kg
Dimensioned drawing, mm
Hinge model
Hinge drawing
Bottom mounted
Sales unit
2.9069 kg
Carton size
457x389x68 mm
Gross weight
3.3069 kg
Crate size
469x401x348 mm
Weight per crate
16.5345 kg
Crates per pallet
Qty per crate
Qty per pallet
Use a mild soap solution to clean the seat. Please take care that the seat and hinges are not left damp. Dry off any residual water or cleaning agent with a soft cloth. Avoid contact of the seat and hinges with abrasive, corrosive or chlorine-based cleaners, as these may cause damage or lead to flash rust. Therefore, when cleaning the bowl, make sure that the seat and cover are kept in an upright position until all cleaning agent has been flushed away.
Your Pressalit toilet seat is subject to a 10-year product warranty against presentation of receipt. You should contact the dealer or store where you purchased the seat in the event of a complaint.

In the event of complaints about defective materials and/or manufacturing defects and/or functional limitations ascertained within a 10-year period, following proper use and cleaning of the toilet seat (we reserve the right to examine the toilet seat at our factory), Pressalit will deliver spare parts or replace the toilet seat by an identical or similar model. If the color is no longer available, Pressalit reserves its right to replace the toilet seat by a similar model in the color white. Upon replacement or delivery of a spare part, the warranty period will not be extended nor renewed. If replacement is not possible, Pressalit may instead refund the purchase price.
Subject to changes in the product range, technical changes and printing errors.
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