Let your personal style shine through

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Pressalit Style – Danish design for the bathroom

Let elegance and your personal style shine through with Pressalit Style bathroom accessories. The elegant and graphic silhouettes lend an exciting expression to the bathroom and offer more than just an aesthetic lift to the interior. It shows an active choice of a complete bathroom style with extraordinary Danish design.

Choose the finish that fits with your style

Pressalit Style offers many options for your home. You can choose the finish that suits the style of your decor.

All products in the range of accessories are available in these four finishes:

  • Matt black
  • Brushed brass
  • Brushed steel
  • Chrome

Easy to install with glue or screws

Did you know that you can install your Pressalit Style accessories in different ways? You can install them with screws, using the accompanying template to ensure correct spacing between screw holes and just the right placement. Or you can choose to install the accessory using glue.

There are clear advantages to installing with glue:

  • The wet room membrane remains intact
  • Tiles don’t break
  • Load bearing capacity of up to 200 kg if correctly installed

Designed for the entire home

Utilise the synergy and create visual coherence by using the elegant Pressalit Style accessories all over your home.

Use a hook as shown in the picture to boost the appearance of your entryway, for hanging kitchen towels, or as a fun detail for storing items in the children’s rooms. A Pressalit Style shelf in the kitchen can provide a lighter expression when storing cookbooks or spices.

With endless options, the versatility combined with the minimalistic expression in this range of accessories makes it easy to use individual accessories in several locations throughout the home.

Danish design with consideration

With its long, slim lines, organic shapes and minimalistic expression, Pressalit Style contributes to a feeling of exclusivity and that you furnish your home with accessories that are anything but standard.

Pressalit Style is designed by Pressalit’s own in-house designer, Anne Mette Tygesen, who is also responsible for several of our other products and solutions.

Red Dot Design Award winner 2024

The Red Dot Design Award is an international design award that honors product design, communication design and design concepts.

The distinction “Red Dot” has become established internationally as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design.

For more information on Red Dot Awards visit www.red-dot.org.

"The contrast between the sharp, geometric front and the soft, organic back creates excitement for the eye and is a pleasure to feel."

Designer at Pressalit, Anne Mette Tygesen

Hooks that integrate with your interior decor

The sculptural shape and beautiful design of the hook in the Pressalit Style accessory range, provides new opportunities for use in your interior decor. It is functional, as you can use it to hang anything on it - use it as a towel hook in the bathroom, for jackets in the entryway, or perhaps in the bedroom to hang a bathrobe on.

You can also use it as a design element to create a focal point and a different way of decorating. The hook is available in two sizes and four different finishes, allowing for numerous opportunities to combine the hooks as you like.

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Toilet paper holder with style

The robust combined with the simple describes the stylish toilet paper holder in the Pressalit Style accessory range in the most beautiful way possible. With Pressalit Style you have the option for all of your bathroom accessories to match each other and here the toilet paper holder is an important element that is used every day.

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Spare toilet paper holder

Utilise the option to create cohesiveness in the bathroom by selecting a spare toilet paper holder in the same range and finish as the rest of your bathroom accessories.

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The shelf that unites functionality and design

A bathroom shelf can make a world of difference when you want to furnish your home both by displaying your favourite items, while also keeping things neat and tidy. In the bath area, the shelf can be used for storing shampoo and the products you normally use in the shower and other places in the bathroom for storing perfume or toothbrushes.

You can also hang the Pressalit Style wiper on the shelf using the holder that accompanies the wiper. This way everything is right at hand when you want to use it.

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The wiper is both functional and has a beautiful design

When you notice the weight of the beautiful and minimalistic Pressalit Style wiper and how well it fits in the hand, you will have the full experience of a beautiful, high-end design accessory.

You can choose to mount the accompanying wiper on the glass wall of your shower cubicle, beneath the Pressalit Style shelf, or on the wall for easy storage. This gives you the opportunity to have the wiper just where you want to use it, without having to leave it on the floor. Includes one extra wiper blade.

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A towel rail creates a sense of calm in the bathroom

Allows for plenty of space for you to dry your towels and display them in an elegant and stylish way. A towel that hangs nicely helps to create a sense of peace in the bathroom.

The Pressalit Style towel rail is not only available in two lengths, but also as a single or double towel rail. With the two lengths, you also have the option to create space for a towel rail in a smaller bathroom. A combination of the variants can also help to give the bathroom an exciting expression - even without any towels on it.

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