VALUE distance piece

VALUE distance piece
600 x 100 x 100 mm.
For MATRIX SMALL and CURVE/CURVE ll wash basins
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Product no.: R1201000 - EAN: 5708590369075


Product codes
EAN 5708590369075
ETIM EC010984
GMDN 63051
NRF 6132432
UNSPSC 42211600
VVS 636859920
Item number
Product group
Wash basin brackets
VALUE distance piece
Product description
VALUE distance piece can be used where extra space below the wash basin is needed
VALUE distance piece for wash basin, 600 x 100 x 100 mm.
Incl. fixing bolts for wash basin.
Fits MATRIX SMALL and CURVE/CURVE ll wash basins.
Excl. wall fixing kit.
Mounting instructions
Excl. mounting kit. See Technical datasheet (pdf) for information on mounting kits suitable for various wall types.
Steel with a Rilsan coating, which is comfortable to the touch, easy to clean, and protects the metal against corrosion
Product capacity
Maximum load: 70 kg.
Suitable for wash basins weighing no more than 22 kg.
When the wash basin is loaded with 70 kg, each wall fastener will be carrying 187 kg.
Wash basin brackets need to be able to carry the weight of the wash basin, as well as support the weight of the person who is leaning against the wash basin or who is using the wash basin to rise from seated position.
Neither wash basin nor wash basin bracket are intended to carry the full body weight of a person, and the test methods applicable to wash basin brackets reflect this: ISO 17966 prescribes a static test on the front edge of the wash basin at 75% of maximum user weight, i.e. when the maximum load on a wash basin bracket is given as 70 kg and the wash basin weighs 22 kg, it is – according to ISO 17966 – the equivalent of a user weighing 64 kg leaning on the front edge of the wash basin.

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5.75 kg
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6.1 kg
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6.1 kg
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