Flexible feed and waste system 900/900 mm

Flexible feed and waste system 900/900 mm
For adjustable wash basin bracket.
Feed pipes: 900 mm.
Waste pipe: 900 mm.
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Product no.: R2077 - EAN: 5708590360454
Provides flexibilty of basins Adaptable for different arrangements.

Flexible feed and waste system 900/900 mmFlexible feed and waste system 900/900 mm


Product codes
EAN 5708590360454
ETIM EC011597
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Product group
Flexible feed and waste systems
Flexible feed and waste system 900/900 mm
Product description
The flexible feed and waste systems are needed to ensure the flow of water to and from the height adjustable wash basin brackets.
Flexible feed/waste system.
Feed pipes: 900 mm, waste pipe: 900 mm.
Feed pipe, metal braid, with 1/2" coupling.
Flexible waste pipe, dia. 32 mm.
The feed pipes are made from SPX plastic, braided with stainless steel. The connecting nuts are 1/2” in both ends and made from brass. The waste pipe is flexible, corrugated white PVC with a diameter of 32 mm, and comes with an adaptor to fit 40 mm. We do not recommend flushing the waste hose with formaldehyde. The elbow with removable connector is made from PP (polypropylene) with a seal of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Maximum temperatures of use are 80°C (continuous use) and 90°C (temporary use). PP is very resistant to water, damp and most organic solvents. The seal is made from EPDM – Temperature of use from -50°C - +120°C/150°C EPDM is particularly resistant to ozone and weather. Good resistance to heat and cold and to most chemicals – but poor resistance to petroleum products and solvents.
To maximize product flexibility, it is important that the plumbing installation are correctly positioned and do not obstruct movement. The waste hose can be shortened on site to fit the installation.
Pressalit supply a kit of flexible feed pipes for hot and cold water along with a flexible waste hose. The UK kit includes right-angled isolating valves that should be connected to the water supply and a Ø40 mm waste connection that will fit to UK plumbing with the aid of a compression fitting (not included).
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When cleaning the wash basin, it is recommended that one flush the waste hose through with 50-60 degrees hot water in order to prevent build-up of soap residues inside the hose. Ensure that the hose is stretched out during this flushing.
Pressalit makes a commitment to remedy material and manufacturing defects for a period of five years from the invoicing date.