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Toilet seat design and functionality

We take our Scandinavian design tradition very seriously. Our cultivated styles incorporate durable materials, quality stainless steel hinges and intuitive functions.

Pressalit designs should complement your bathroom interior. This applies to both aesthetics and comfort. Toilets seats should be a pleasure to use, comfortable to sit on and add a touch of luxury to everyday living.

Soft close

The soft close toilet seat brings a calm luxury to your daily life.

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The soft close function means your toilet seat closes gently. Once you have tried soft close toilet seats, you won’t be able to live without it. For instance, it means no more unpleasant bangs when your children let the seat fall.

Apart from improving noise levels, soft close toilet seats are also a practical and hygienic, particularly popular with women. It can be something of a challenge to lower the seat without it making a loud bang. Soft close reduces the need to touch the toilet seat, which improves the sense of hygiene.

As soft close is a feature of many of our toilet seats, it is easy to add a touch of luxury to your daily life.


Lift-off is a smart function that helps you clean your toilet quickly and easily.

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Lift-off allows you to quickly and easily remove the toilet seat. This makes cleaning the entire toilet much easier.

Polygiene toilet seats prevent the growth of bacteria

A Polygiene toilet seat gives bacteria a fight.

A damp bathroom is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow in, bacteria can live up to 10 days in bathrooms. That's why the hygiene around the toilet, not least the toilet seat, is an important area in the fight against bacteria.

A Polygiene toilet seat arms you against bacteria. The Polygiene component prevents bacterial growth and spreading.

What is Polygiene?

Polygiene is an innovative technology that consists of biocide silver salts (silver chloride), which provide an antibacterial effect. The technology is thoroughly tested and used in a number of different products. Polygiene occurs in Pressalit products in very small quantities and is not harmful to either you or the environment.

Toilet seats with Polygiene

Polygiene is evenly distributed during the moulding of the toilet seat, ensuring a lifelong effect, unlike surface treatments it never wears off. That's how bacterial growth is prevented for years on end.

Pressalit's Polygiene toilet seats are of particular interest to stakeholders in sectors, such as hotels, restaurants, children's nurseries, trains, train stations, airlines, airports etc., but can also be used in the home.