Laura's bathroom

In Greve in Denmark lives Laura, a 13 year old girl, with her parents. Laura has muscular dystrophy and as Laura grows up, her need for independence grows.

A new bathroom for Laura

Laura's desire for independence is particularly strong when it comes to managing by herself in the bathroom. No teenager wants to be dependent on his or her parent’s help with toileting and bathing. The family experiences that neither of their existing two bathrooms meets with Laura’s current or future needs, so they wanted a functional and future-proof bathroom. At the same time, it was essential that the solution should be modern and stylish as well as having room for Laura’s dream of getting a make-up table.

At the municipality, the family was told to contact Pressalit for a one-on-one solution to uncover Laura’s needs in relation to products and best possible layout of the bathroom.

Ideas were concretized and drawn up by Pressalit. Everything was planned down into the smallest detail and a schedule was drawn up in collaboration between all parties and resulted in a completion without delays.

Making a difference

Laura’s mother, Helen used to shower together with Laura to help and support her in the shower. With the new bathroom Laura can now sit on the shower seat and wash her hair without help.

Laura often uses the adult change table to sit on while getting dressed because she feels safe on the table. By using the adult change table, she avoids losing her balance and falling.

Laura has gained increased independence in the bathroom and can now handle far more things on her own, where she previously needed help.

Improved quality of life

With an adult changing bench installed, Helen can now care for Laura’s needs in a good working position, no longer having to bend her back over a bed. “During the first week after the completion, I cried for joy of no longer having a backache” Helen, Laura's mother.

Pressalit products

  • Wall track
  • Shower seat, manually height and sideways adjustable
  • Adult changing table, height adjustable
  • Support arms, height adjustable
  • MATRIX MEDIUM wash basin with integrated hand rails

In the process leading to the final result, the overall focus was on Laura’s needs and future-proofing the bathroom. This means that the bathroom’s features can be changed in relation to potential changes in Laura’s needs.

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