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What do the products cost and where can I buy them?

If you need help finding prices and dealers, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone 0415 425 461 or by e-mail

Which toilet seat fits my toilet ceramics?

In our product catalog for toilet seats, you can search for a toilet seat either by manufacturer or by the shape and dimensions of your toilet pan. Feel free to contact us directly in case of any further questions.

Mounting instructions

The mounting instructions (videos and PDF installation instructions) can be found under the respective product under "Downloads".

Cleaning instructions for toilet seats

Please use a mild soap solution to clean the seat. Dry off any residual water or cleaning agent with a soft cloth. For a wooden toilet seat, please make sure that you do not fold down the lid before the seat and lid are completely dry. Avoid contact of the seat and hinges with abrasive, corrosive or chlorine-based cleaners, as these may cause damage or lead to flash rust. Therefore, when cleaning the bowl, make sure that the seat and cover are kept in an upright position until all cleaning agent has been flushed away.

CAD and BIM data

CAD and BIM can be found under the respective product under "Downloads".

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