Quality and requirements

Our quality control puts people and the environment first because at Pressalit quality is about more than just words. High quality design is about combining aesthetics, comfort and functionality in one.

For 60 years, using high quality materials has been a matter of course for us and our methods of research and development are ground breaking.

We like to think of it this way: "Quality is when the customer comes back and not the product"

Pressalit's quality and environmental policy

It is Pressalit A/S' quality objective within applicable social requirements to develop, produce and market functional and aesthetically pleasing products that meet customers' and end users' needs and expectations based on agreements entered into for delivery and services. In accordance with company philosophy, our products must be known for first-class quality and design. As part of this, the company undertakes to comply with mandatory product safety requirements.

We must provide customers with a professional service that matches their needs and expectations. Communication with our customers and suppliers must be clear and simple so that there are no doubts about the contents of our agreements. Ongoing quality improvements are integral to the management of Pressalit at all levels.

Our purchasing, production and shipment are designed such that our products are obtained and delivered in the correct quality and quantity at the agreed time. We inform and train each of our employees on targets, policies and procedures, with the aim of creating the optimum conditions for them to perform their job in a quality-conscious and effective way. Every employee strives for zero error in the next stage of production.

The company’s quality management system is continually developed in accordance with the current version of DS/EN ISO 9001 and is certified by an accredited certification body.

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We provide a 10-year guarantee

Quality is of paramount importance to Pressalit. That's why we provide a 10-year guarantee on your new toilet seat.

Your Pressalit toilet seat is subject to a 10-year product warranty against presentation of receipt. You should contact the dealer or store where you purchased the seat in the event of a complaint.

In the event of complaints about defective materials and/or manufacturing defects and/or functional limitations ascertained within a 10-year period, following proper use and cleaning of the toilet seat (we reserve the right to examine the toilet seat at our factory), Pressalit will deliver spare parts or replace the toilet seat by an identical or similar model.

If the color is no longer available, Pressalit reserves its right to replace the toilet seat by a similar model in the color white. Upon replacement or delivery of a spare part, the warranty period will not be extended nor renewed. If replacement is not possible, Pressalit may instead refund the purchase price.

Guarantee content

If in doubt as to how the guarantee covers your purchase, please contact us.