We develop lasting relationships with our customers by providing customised high quality products, expertise, and professional customer service.

High quality OEM toilet seats

Many manufacturers of high quality OEM products entrust their needs to Pressalit. We believe the reason for this can be found in our OEM mission: to provide the best products and solutions for our customers’ individual and ever changing needs. Our OEM division is specialized in the development and production of customised toilet seats, covers and other urea parts for sanitary ware.

We know that our OEM customers are professionals and therefore it is natural for us to see our OEM cooperations as professional partnerships. Functionality, quality and service must match your requirements.

Value for our customers

We know that OEM customers are professionals!
Therefore, it is natural for us to see our OEM cooperations as professional partnerships. As our customer you will know we take great pride in what we do.

Quality & Production

  • Premium quality urea used for production – mainly from European suppliers
  • ISO 14001 certified for our environmentally friendly production standards
  • Hinge solutions of stainless steel
  • High level quality management (certified ISO 9001 & ISO 14001)
  • In-house tooling facilities

Product features & design

  • Award winning Scandinavian design
  • Exclusive laser engraving
  • Porcelain-like, anti bacterial, scratch resistant surfaces
  • No discolouration of our products
  • Maximum ergonomic comfort level. Developed in cooperation with Frauenhofer Institute, Germany
  • Strong seats tested to hold a minimum of 180 kg
  • High heat resistant / non-flammability


  • Professional OEM and Product Development team
  • Expertise and know-how from more than 55 years
  • High delivery reliability
  • Engaged and professional back office service
  • 10 years warranty

Pressalit principles

  • Our Code of Conduct includes all 10 principles of the United Nations The Global Compact, so that our ethical rules meet the demands made by Global Compact
  • We develop long lasting relationships with our customers through dialog, understanding and respect

Toilet seat design

We understand your critical requirements and have the skillset to meet them.

At the core of Pressalit’s OEM business is our special competencies within toilet seat design and development, based on our own dedicated team in Denmark. Over the years, Pressalit’s toilet seat designs have been honoured with numerous design awards like Red Dot, Design Plus and IF and we consider the Scandinavian design tradition to be a significant part of our DNA.

As a company dedicated to serving OEM, we understand the critical requirements of your needs in terms of type, durability, ergonomics, colour and shape. Through our unique engineering and design expertise, we are able to develop a customized toilet seat design that meets your requirements in detail.

Toilet seat supplier

Pressalit is considered a trustworthy toilet seat supplier.

Our premium and consistent quality of raw materials as well as our patented functionalities and hinge solutions like soft close, lift-off, and quick-release, are just some of the reasons why world known companies have chosen Pressalit as their toilet seat supplier.

We are a full range OEM toilet seat supplier and as our customer you receive more than just a product. You get a professional one-stop service with a reliable product that, above all, provides you with an assurance that things are in order from start to finish.