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At Pressalit you will experience that we really care about individual development and that we are a diverse workforce, working together to develop the company. Diversity is a key word for Pressalit, and we work actively to embrace a wide range of people in our company.

At Pressalit our four values are an important cornerstone for company development. Our first value demonstrates just how important diversity is for us: "We listen - because at Pressalit, we respect other people and their opinions. We enjoy recognition of our efforts and believe that we find strength in our differences."

Our value "we listen" forms the foundation of one of the five headings in our ethical code of conduct. Here it's called: "We want to reflect a global society and therefore have an eye for diversity in ethnicity, educational background, gender, religion, sexuality, age and ability to work."

Based on this principle, Pressalit has formulated a so-called "spectrum of diversity", which is a specific tool that ensures that all departments encourage diversity. It's one of the reasons why we work actively with flexi workers, and why approx. 7% of Pressalit's employees are employed under special conditions. This was a conscious decision from the company in order to give people with reduced ability the chance to maintain links with the job market whilst being part of a company that wants to embrace diversity.

Today, our cleaning, catering, reception and garden and building maintenance is performed by an internal team consisting of employees in flexijobs. Other departments in Pressalit also have employees working in flexijobs.