UN's Global Goals

Pressalit has selected three Sustainable Development Goals which address areas close to our core business and where we believe our knowledge and experience in the field can make the greatest positive impact on sustainable development. We have specifically selected the Sustainable Development Goals below as key areas for new, progressive projects and initiatives.

  • Goal 4 Quality Education
  • Goal 6 Clean Water and Sanitation
  • Goal 12 Responsible Production and Consumption

These Goals are an integral part of many of our projects because we believe that Pressalit as a corporation has an obligation to help promote sustainability.

It is important for us to act responsibly and contribute to a sustainable development at local and global levels. That is why we joined the United Nations Global Compact initiative in 2002, and we issue an annual Communication on Progress (COP) Report as a key component of our commitment hereto that describes the actions we have taken to promote responsibility, sustainability etc.

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