MCT 2 change trolley, electrically height adjustable

Product no.: R9432717000 · EAN: 5708590373201

Lying surface: 700 x 1700 mm
Outer measurements: 820 x 1790 mm

Developed with focus on safety and wellbeing for the user Easy access from all sides helps provide optimal work conditions for the helpers Easy to clean, well thought out construction with durable materials and multiple features

MCT 2 change trolley, electrically height adjustable
MCT 2 change trolley, electrically height adjustable
MCT 2 change trolley, electrically height adjustable


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MCT 2 change trolley, electrically height adjustableMCT 2 change trolley, electrically height adjustable


EAN 5708590373201
GMDN 43494
VVS 777542210
Item number
Product group
Shower and changing tables
MCT 2 change trolley, electrically height adjustable
Product description
Pressalit offers a variety of mobile, flexible and fixed height shower change tables of high quality. They are designed to provide a stable platform for showering and changing adults and children with reduced mobility. These tables can be used in schools, institutions, hospitals and private homes and are all designed to be durable, comfortable and easy to clean.
Design and flexibility ensures optimal working conditions for the helper as well as a high level of comfort and safety for the user.
MCT 2 change trolley, 820 x 1790 mm, two fold-down sides.
Electrically height adjustable (battery operated) with wired remote control.
400 mm lifting range, from 550 to 950 mm.
Equipped with central lock system, wire basket for convenient storage, bumpers on all four corners as well as battery and charger.
Lifting columns and wired remote control IPX6, battery and charger IPX5.
Mattress to be ordered separately.
Anne Mette Thy Tygesen
Design year
The ergonomically designed safety rails has a practical lower central section. This access area provides better access and work environment for caregivers while transferring, showering, drying and dressing the user.
One hand operated safety rails allows the caregiver to maintain eye and physical contact with the user during the whole process, the foldable safety rails also provide easy access from all four sides of the table.
The grab bars enable users to assist, which motivates physical training.
A storage drawer enables caregivers to store supplies and place what is needed for the shower immediately to hand in advance.
Easy to clean, smooth contact surfaces which do not collect dirt and bacteria.
The trolley is on wheels and can be moved from room to room for easy transport and multiple users.
Two lifting columns are used to create an aesthetically pleasing, hygienically optimized, physically and visually stable construction.
Intuitive, easy-to-use drop down rails with one hand operation.
The centralized brake system simultaneously lock all 4 wheels by stepping on any single activator, ensuring better safety and ease of use in any position.
All locking and release activators are activated by stepping down on them from above to ensure ergonomic interaction, prevent foot and toe injuries. Non-slip surface and pattern on all brakes prevent slipping even in wet conditions.
A rotating bumper on each of the trolley’s corners protects surrounding walls and the product itself when in contact and during relocation.
Powered height adjustment with battery and charger. The wall hung charger for the battery can be mounted in any room incl. outside the bathroom if so desired. When the battery is low on charge, a beep will sound each time the remote is activated.
Battery charging time 3-4 hours.
Product capacity
Maximum user weight: 200 kg.
Maximum load: 250 kg. (user weight + accessories)
Dimensioned drawing, mm
Height adjustable
Adjustment height
400 mm
Mains connection (V)
230 V
50-60 Hz
Power consumption (maximum load)
100 W
Power consumption (standby)
0 W
19 mm/s
Actuator (motor)
Linak BL1, IPX6
Control box
Linak COBO / CU20, IPX5 / IPX6
Wired remote control
Linak HB30, IPX6
Maximum user weight
200 kg
Maximum load
250 kg
Sales unit
102 kg
Gross weight
137 kg
Weight per crate
137 kg
Crates per pallet
Qty per crate
Qty per pallet
Declaration of conformity
This product is in compliance with all relevant requirements of regulation (EU) 2017/745 on medical devices. It also complies with all relevant requirements in the Council Directive 2006/42/EC (of 17 May 2006) on machinery and the Council Directive 2011/65/EC on RoHS.
Pressalit makes a commitment to remedy material and manufacturing defects for a period of three years from the invoicing date.