Hong Kong Hospital - The Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Ward

Renovation of 4.3 m x 3.4 m bathroom in general hospital ward allocated for the care of patients with a wide variety of medical conditions. Multi user scenario with varying degrees of dependency.

General Hospital
Hong Kong


To offer flexible bathroom facilities to patients with varying degrees of dependency and good working conditions for health care assistants. To implement a solution within existing walls and improve room utilisation.


R8240 Electrically height adjustable toilet
RF548 Support arms
R9912 Wall track
R9910 Wall track
R4670 Electrically height adjustable wash basin
RT621 Tap, long rotatable spout
R7566 Track mounted shower chair 410
RT138 Handrail corner
RT756 Shower mixer bracket
RT641 Shower mixer


Easy adaptation of the bathroom to suit different user situations.
Corner placed shower allows for independent as well as dependent use.
Track system allows the height adjustable wash basin to be moved horizontally and close to the toilet.
Wash basin and shower chair can be adjusted horizontally to provide access for wheel chair users and sufficient space for carers.
Track mounted equipment is adjustable and removable for easy cleaning.