Designing your bathroom

Importantly the layout of a well - designed accessible bathroom may provide independence in daily life.

Accessibility requires knowledge

Planning accessible bathrooms requires knowledge of building regulations, the users' behaviour and needs.

As a bathroom planner - whether you are an architect, installer, occupational therapist or private individual, you want to create a well-designed, welcoming, functional and comfortable space.

Pressalit has prepared a useful checklist for the initial phases of the building process. The checklist asks a number of questions about the user, the working conditions for care and rehabilitation staff, as well as the physical setting in the building.

Go through the checklist here

Get inspiration and guidance in our bathroom design guide

Visit our SPACES app for examples of accessible bathrooms in VR

At the washbasin

Sideways adjustable wash basin

  • Provides better working conditions, by creating space for a carer e.g. between the washbasin and the toilet.
  • May bring the washbasin within reach of users seated on the toilet so they can wash their hands.

Height-adjustable wash basin

  • Can be adjusted to heights suitable for seated and standing users.

Watch a short video about the benefits of the solution, where the washbasin can be adjusted for height and moved sideways.

On the toilet

Sideways adjustable support arms

  • Adjustable to accommodate users of different sizes.
  • Can used to provide additional support, e.g. in the shower seat

Height-adjustable support arms

  • Adjustable for different height settings, which can help standing or seated users.

Fixed support arms

  • Provides effective support and assistance where a user’s needs are likely to remain unchanged.

See how you can make the toilet visit safer and more comfortable.

In the shower

Sideways adjustable shower seat

  • Can be placed near a corner so independent users can reach shower controls.
  • Can be moved away from the corner to provide workspace for a carer on either side of the shower seat.
  • Can be moved to the side or folded away to provide space for a standing shower.
  • Can be positioned on horizontal wall track on either wall of the shower corner to provide left or right sided access.
  • Can provide space for moving from both sides.

Height-adjustable shower seat

  • Can be adjusted to suit the user’s height.

With the shower seat and accessories mounted on Pressalit’s Plus horizontal wall track, the shower area can be modified to suit individual needs.

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