How to clean a toilet?

To keep your porcelain gleaming and smart toilet seat looking good, we recommend some simple tips on how to clean a toilet.

How to clean a toilet is not irrelevant because if you use one of the numerous cleaning agents on the market incorrectly, it can damage the toilet and the toilet seat’s materials and gleaming finish.

Simple tips on how to clean a toilet

Before you clean a toilet, it is a good idea to put on a pair of rubber gloves to protect your hands and avoid the spread of bacteria.
Start by pushing all the water out of the toilet bowl with the toilet brush. This will make it easier to clean the bottom of the bowl, and the cleaning agent will work more effectively when it is undiluted.

Avoid getting toilet cleaner on the toilet seat

Use toilet cleaner for daily cleaning of the toilet. Follow the product's instructions and remember to use it inside the bowl. If toilet cleaner and other chlorine-containing or caustic cleaning agents come into contact with the toilet seat and hinges, it can result in damage and airborne rust. Therefore, it is best to leave the toilet seat in an upright position until all the toilet cleaner has been washed away.

Stripes in the toilet bowl

If there are limescale deposits or yellowish streaks in the toilet, you may want to use a pumice stone to remove the limescale or use a mixture of soft soap and vinegar (1:1 dilution). Simply spread the mixture onto the stripes and leave for 1 hour. Then scrub the mixture off with a wet sponge and rinse.

How to clean a toilet - exterior

When cleaning the rest of the toilet, simply use a mild soapy cleaning agent. If you have a lift-off toilet seat, remove the seat to facilitate cleaning the entire toilet bowl. Clean the toilet seat with the same soap and vinegar mixture. It is important that no moisture is left on the toilet seat or the hinges. Therefore finish by drying both the toilet seat and the hinges with a soft dry cloth.

Dowload cleaning instructions

The lift-off function makes it easier to clean your toilet.