PLUS 135° angle handrail

Product no.: RT110000 - EAN: 5708590146232
Expires date: 31/12/2022

Powder-laquered aluminium, diameter 33 mm.

High-quality long lasting products Countless combination options Provides comfortable and firm support

PLUS 135° angle handrail
PLUS 135° angle handrail
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PLUS 135° angle handrailPLUS 135° angle handrailPLUS 135° angle handrail


EAN 5708590146232
ETIM EC011028
GMDN 35586
HMI 25430
NBS N13:436
NRF 6311213
RSK 8980556
UNSPSC 42211608
VVS 777567000
Item number
Expires date
Product group
PLUS 135° angle handrail
Product description
PLUS handrails are high-quality products and they can be combined in countless ways and they provide the final touch to furnishing a functional and flexible bathroom. A reliable solution with many different options, which can easily lay the grounds for increased independence.
PLUS handrail, angle 135°, diameter 33 mm, A: 450 mm x B: 450 mm, for fixed mounting.
The projection of 50 mm from the wall makes it easy to take hold of the rail.
Inkl. wall rosette, which covers the fixings.
Material: Powder-coated aluminium and plastic.
Excl. mounting kit.
Intended use
PLUS hand rail solutions are intended as a support for walking and standing users in the bathroom or for assisting seated users who need help getting up.
Expected service life is 10 years.
Basic material: Aluminium

Surface material: Polyester lacquer

Cover cap: Cycoloy plastic

The 33 mm diameter enables the rail to be held comfortably and firmly. The projection of 50 mm from the wall makes it easy to take hold of the rail.

Product capacity
Maximum load: 235 kg.
When the handrail is loaded with 235 kg, each wall fastener is loaded with 56 kg.
Handrails are tested with a 1.5 safety factor in accordance with the requirements in ISO 17966:2016.
Dimensioned drawing, mm
Sales unit
1.322 kg
Gross weight
1.824 kg
Weight per crate
1.824 kg
Crates per pallet
Qty per crate
Qty per pallet

Handrails ALU.
The product is to be cleaned with hot water or a mild soapy cleaning agent.
Do not use chlorine based, corrosive or abrasive cleaners as it may result in the surface being damaged.

The following cleaning agents have been tested by Pressalit and may be used, as long as they are diluted according to the instructions on the container.

Clinimax Difficil-S
Erisan OXY+

Suma Star free D1
Taski 100
Taski 200

The product must be wiped down with a soft rag wrung out in clear water immediately after cleaning, as some materials may otherwise be discolored and stained, and the surface coating may deteriorate.

Pressalit recommends that chalky deposits be removed from wall tracks and other aluminum parts using a solution of three parts 30% acetic acid to seven parts tap water. When the aluminum parts have been washed down with this solution, the parts must be wiped over with a damp cloth wrung out in clear water.

Declaration of conformity
CE UK MDR This product is in compliance with all relevant requirements of:
- Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on medical devices.
For the UK: - Medical Device Regulation (MDR) 2002 on medical devices.
Pressalit makes a commitment to remedy material and manufacturing defects for a period of five years from the invoicing date.