A sound investment

Flexible solutions as a sound and long-term investment.

Solutions that last

At Pressalit, we believe in the importance of delivering solutions that not only have the flexibility to cover changing needs, but are also a good investment - now and in the future. Below are some important facts that comprise the biggest reasons for investing in a flexible solution.

Improved working environment

With Pressalit's solutions it is possible to reduce e.g. twisting and lifting injuries in carers when handling users. This reduces costs in the form of less sickness absence by staff, and users are handled safely.

Increased independence

With the help of the unique flexibility, which enables the adjustment of design according to user needs, the degree of independence in the bathroom is raised. This saves staff costs, and the flexibility means that each bathroom can be used by several users, without needing to compromise on functionality.

Fewer changes required

In many places - nursing homes, hospitals and retirement homes etc. - bathrooms need to cope with multiple users over time. With a fitted track system from Pressalit, the design can easily and quickly be changed without the need for refurbishment.

Optimised space

Thanks to the flexibility created by the track solution, the design of the individual bathroom is optimised. The individual elements in the shower, wash basin and toilet area of the bathroom can be moved in relation to one another and thus create the space required for optimum conditions and space for carers, mobility carers and similar.