Projects in Product Development

Student at Pressalit Product Development Department

As a student at Pressalit, you will have the opportunity to bridge academia and practice. You will be supported by an ambitious and dedicated team located in our corporate garage – a space built for innovative research, hacks, prototype building and testing. Our workshop in the R&D department will give you hands-on experience and the opportunity to test your ideas and concept on physical products.

We focus on creating the right formats and conditions for researching the trends and technologies of the future. And it is our goal to create the right circumstances around your research and project, so that your talent and creativity can help inspire real companies and real people with real challenges.

In short, it is a space to dream, discuss, prototype, test, fail, iterate, try again and learn. Examples of how we support students include brainstorm/ideation sessions, mentoring sessions, workshops with relevant colleagues and users, prototype implementation, field testing and customer validation.

Pressalit has many years of experience with internships from different academic institutions. We have solid experience in offering students a professional and inspiring platform - and as a master thesis student, you will have the opportunity to join a network of peer students.

Our mission is to run business divisions that develop, produce and sell design-based innovative bathroom and kitchen solutions.

Pressalit’s HR offers our students professional and tailor-made career guidance to help you to decide what you want to achieve in your further career and professional life.

For further information, contact Senior Project Manager, Vibeke Sanggaard Sørensen ( or 2777 7589), or Product Development Director, Holger Søe Plousgaard ( or 2777 7613).