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We provide a 10-year guarantee

Quality is of paramount importance to Pressalit. That's why we provide a 10-year guarantee on your new toilet seat.

Pressalit provides a 10-year guarantee on your toilet seat upon presentation of receipt.

This covers complaints about material and/or production errors and/or feature limitations that occur within the 10-year timeframe. The guarantee depends on correct use and cleaning of the toilet seat (we reserve the right to check this at our factory).

Pressalit will send spare parts or exchange the toilet seat for the same or a similar model.

If the colour is no longer available, Pressalit reserves the right to exchange the seat for the corresponding model in white. Upon exchange, the guarantee period is renewed for the toilet seat. Upon provision of spare parts, the guarantee period is only renewed for the relevant spare part.

If a replacement is not possible, Pressalit is entitled to refund the purchase amount instead.

Guarantee content

If in doubt as to how the guarantee covers your purchase, please contact us.

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Our quality control puts people and the environment first.

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